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At Image Health Studios

At Image Health Studios we have been offering expertise in health and fitness for over 25 years and now and our Instructors are always happy to help you with your individual needs whether you are interested in a basic health and fitness programmed, weight loss or whether you are a sports enthusiast looking for that extra edge. With a large weights and cardiovascular gym and separate aerobic studio there is everything you could want in a health center.


We also have a comprehensive range of fitness classes including our ever popular Circuit workout class which is available to members free of charge up to 3 times a day! The circuit workout has proven results in improving overall fitness levels, achieving weight loss and increasing strength and muscle tone. 

Why not take up a life changing hobby?

Image Health Studios is also home to the internationally renowned Wexford Kung Fu & Kickboxing centre under the Instruction of former World Kickboxing Champion and Guardian of the Lau Gar Kung Fu style Bobby O’Neill.  Classes in Kung Fu, Kickboxing & Self Defence are available for all ages and all physical abilities .Martial arts training is now accepted as one the most complete methods of training for overall health and well-being: great for self-confidence, fitness and of course self-defence. 

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